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Allvor in 2018 Q4: summary of actions taken

The image that illustrates this Q4/2018 report is the Allvor Pay invoice for e-commerce platforms. It’s not just an image, it’s an actual invoice for a $10 purchase generated and paid at a test shop*. It is the settled invoice 5 seconds after the payment.

Below you can see the image of the invoice before the payment, in the versions with the copy-and-paste feature, or with the QR Code. This is the invoice you see after choosing to make the payment with Allvor at the checkout of the store.

In many ways, these images represent our greatest efforts in 2018 Q4. We are currently getting the last details sorted to officially launch Allvor Pay with the WooCommerce plugin, which should happen in January.

It will be a great achievement for Allvor and a significant distinguishing factor in relation to several crypto projects that have no real use case or that propose use cases that are yet to be effective.

Allvor, like XRP, has a very concrete use case, it uses high speed, scalability, and stability technology. And after the boom from 2017 and the strong price adjustment in 2018, the market is more careful. In 2019, projects with an effective application and focused on real solutions will stand out. Allvor is among them.


But in Q4 we have taken several other actions. The following is a summary of our main activities during this period:


Development of Allvor Pay (merchant area)

Specific portal for registration, generation of authentication tokens and monitoring of purchase orders made through Allvor Pay.


Development of the WooCommerce platform plugin

The plugin for WooCommerce allows Woocommerce virtual stores to start receiving payments with Allvor in just 5 minutes. Simply register with Allvor Pay, generate the authentication token and install the Allvor Pay plugin for WooCommerce on WordPress. It will be released in January, along with Allvor Pay and the Allvor Pay portal.


Creation of the Allvor Pay Portal

Allvor Pay will have a specific portal for merchants who wish to use the platform, which will work in a complementary way to the Allvor portal. It will be the portal for the merchant who receives payments with Allvor.


Development of the Magento platform plugin

We have started the development of the plugin for Magento, which should be released in 2019 Q1.


Development of the Allvor Airdrop tool

We have developed an airdrop tool for the Allvor distribution in campaigns and other Allvor promotional activities. The tool allows you to plan campaigns and make payments in an automated way. The Allvor Airdrop has been successfully tested at Bitconf Fortaleza in November and will be used in other project promotion strategies in the future.


Development of the Allvor Pay POS

We have developed the Allvor Pay POS from an Android 7.0 device and successfully presented it at Bitconf in November. The Allvor Pay POS is the first 100%-blockchain POS without custodial fee and for peer-to-peer payments you have seen.


Participation at Bitconf Summer

We have attended as a sponsor and had a booth at Bitconf Fortaleza. We have attended as a sponsor and had a booth at Bitconf Fortaleza. We have provided an espresso machine in our booth and presented the sale of an espresso using the Allvor Pay POS to the attendees. With that, we have been able to demonstrate that it is possible to pay for a simple coffee with Allovr, with real-time settlement and no fees, which makes it impossible for buyers to pay small amounts with most cryptocurrencies.


Production of Allvor Pay promotional videos

We have produced three promotional videos for Allvor and Allvor Pay, which can be accessed here: The Allvor team developing Allvor Pay, Allvor Pay: Allvor’s e-commerce payment platform and Paying for a coffee with a cryptocurrency – 100% blockchain-based transaction.


Closing of the Distribution Program for XRP Holders

On December 5, we announced the closing date of the Allvor Initial Distribution Program, which was effectively closed on December 31.



On the listings, although Allvor’s first listing on CriptoHub was confirmed, the new exchange has faced technical issues early in its operation. These issues led CriptoHub to choose to replace the technology used in its platform. CriptoHub has already announced the replacement of the technology that supports its exchange, and that is happening right now. Allvor’s listing, again confirmed by the exchange, will take place on the new platform. The date and details of the listing will be announced by CriptoHub. As soon as this happens, we will inform the community.

In addition to CriptoHub, we have been in touch with other exchanges in Brazil and abroad. This is a long and often time-consuming process. We have made several contacts, attended to meetings, conferences and sent the project documentation. This is a continuous project activity and the results will be achieved over time. We will continue our efforts by showing that Allvor is a project with real, concrete use case and technology of excellence.



Coinmarketcap currently requires that a cryptocurrency is previously listed in two exchanges, with data indexed by CMC, in order to be listed on the platform. As Allvor has not yet been listed, it was not possible to fulfill this requirement. We continue the listing efforts and follow the evolution of the criteria used by Coinmarketcap for the listing of projects.


*At the time of the invoice generation (01/08/19 11:20hs, Brasília time), 10 USD was equivalent to 7478 ALV.

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