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Allvor in 2018: standing on the shoulder of giants

What an incredible year, my friends! We from Allvor can only thank everyone for your trust in our project. Every word of encouragement, doubt, and demand has indicated that we are headed in the right direction. We were innovative within the XRP Ledger ecosystem, slowly standing on the shoulder of giants, without losing sight of our main goal: to be a cryptocurrency capable of fostering a democratic payments ecosystem, aiming at mass adoption of our token and, consequently, of others that will prove to be as solid as our initiatives.

Much has happened since March this year, when we boldly chose the XRP Ledger as the driving technology of our token and let the crypto world astonished. The fact that we did not have an ICO process for fundraising – an unusual option in a world full of ERC20 tokens seeking to squeeze the pockets of the unaware – left everyone confused at first. However, it was precisely this fact that brought even more consistency and confidence to Allvor. By choosing an initial distribution process to XRP holders, we positioned ourselves as community helpers, seeking to bring more options and liquidity to Ripple’s blockchain technology.

In addition, the team has grown. We have invested time and knowledge on a daily basis in the project, and we have the honor of constant presence and access to the broad knowledge of our first Advisor, Humberto Cagno, who has more than 40 years of experience in the management of multinational companies, such as Siemens and Motorola, working in Latin America, the United States and Germany.



On November, we officially introduced our payment solution in an unusual way during the BitConf event held in Fortaleza. Rather than just introducing our WooCommerce platform plugin, we went further and brought the world’s first 100% blockchain point-of-sale (POS) machine to the public, performing transactions directly on the XRP Ledger, without brokers or custody of securities, completing transactions within 3-6 seconds. Finally, someone made it possible to buy a simple coffee with cryptocurrencies, which is impracticable with 99% of the other tokens on the market, and we are proud to have done so.

We know that we built a bold roadmap and some of the deliverables are late. The forecast of being listed on two exchanges and the Coin Market Cap by the end of this quarter was not achieved. But we are very close to being listed and many negotiations are under way.

The year 2018 was very troublesome for cryptocurrencies, which lost a large percentage of their market value throughout the year. This was certainly one of the reasons that made it difficult to stick to the Roadmap. But we will continue our hard work to reach such milestones, make deals, always get it right and get a spotlight for Allvor within cryptocurrencies.


What about 2019?

The next year has everything to be spectacular. We know that we will be listed on the first exchange in Q1 and this will open the door to even bolder steps. The plugin for Magento is already in advanced development, as well as talks with supporters regarding the creation of a wallet able to meet our needs. The Brazilian market shows signs of improvement and the adoption of ALV will certainly be boosted by this. Regarding the technical aspects of Allvor, we will schedule the No Freeze and Black Hole of our issuing account; a process that will make us even more similar to XRP and will certainly help in broadening the adoption of ALV.

We will continue our hard work to build the value that the community expects and to effectively achieve every milestone from the Roadmap. We hope it will be a year in which we get closer to all of our supporters and stay even more active in the communication channels with the community. Hearing from you is undoubtedly what drives us to keep going. After all, without you, we would be just another token surfing the blockchain wave.

We, from the Allvor team, thank you for every new user, every new active trust line, every like, retweet, follower, view in the videos and comments on social media. We are stronger with you.

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