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Allvor – The Technological Disruption Arrives for Payment Methods

Read the full article from Allvor’s new Advisor, Humberto Cagno:

I consider myself part of a privileged generation born between the end of World War II and the end of the 50’s. Many of you cannot even imagine a world without TV, the microwave oven, computer, tablets, smartphones and their Apps, the internet, or video calls across the globe – these are just some of the wonders that technology’s mind-blowing progress has brought us in the past few decades alone!

Within this period – studying and working directly with technology and communications – I followed exponential changes that literally transformed the world and the way we relate to one another. I watched companies come and go; watched jobs be extinguished, replaced or created anew; I marveled at technological innovations surpass the previous ones and then get completely decimated by new disruptive solutions in an endless cycle moving faster and faster with increasingly shorter product life.

In Brazil, something similar happened with our currency – I have used 8 different currencies during my lifetime – from the first, CRUZEIRO, launched in 1942, to REAL, introduced in 1994 and still in use.
Our only certainty is that of constant change!

In the financial world it is not different. Money, as a means of exchange, has already taken many forms, from seashells and pounds (kilos) of salt to what we have today in our pockets and wallets: coins, bills, plastic cards, and apps in smartphones. And the change doesn’t stop there.

We are in the middle of a conceptual transition right now and, just as technology surprises us every day, so do the means of exchange and payment as they look to adapt to a post-digital world.
The latest real trend is cryptocurrencies, or digital coins, which amass thousands of fans annually due to their ability to unite the most advanced in computer technology with a real human need: the exchange of goods and services quickly, fairly, safely, and without “middlemen”.

That is why I am interested in Allvor digital coin (ALV).

The developers behind Allvor – whom I have the opportunity to work with and couldn’t be more confident of their potential – have been very successful at choosing the right path to create their token.
ALV, for the most skeptical, may just seem like any other cryptoasset on the Internet, sharing redundant technical aspects to the very currency that inspired the project, the XRP.

However, we know that what defines something, as currency is precisely the usefulness and not the physical properties. Despite sharing similarities with XRP, ALV token intelligently bets on the usefulness of its currency in order to assist people in their daily transactions, to complement what other currencies offer, transactions between banks and international remittances. Both are, therefore, similar currencies, but they solve different and complementary problems without competing with one another.

I am absolutely convinced of the use of cryptocurrencies and their value on the Internet. They are already a reality not just an idea for the future. Allvor is here to prove that there is a lot of room for good ideas to evolve and to allow a better daily life for all of us.

We should all take notice of the potential for development and behavioral change ALV can introduce to everyone on a daily basis.

Lucky are those alive to see it!

Originally published in Portuguese, in the Linkedin of the author.

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