Allvor Vision

Allvor Vision

Allvor envisions a future where the best and most consistent blockchain technologies will transparently integrate and operate with the various layers and protocols required to conduct financial and business transactions. The six points below provide a summary of how Allvor intends to turn this future vision into a reality:

The best blockchain

Allvor uses the best available technology

The XRP Ledger makes it possible to perform real-time transactions that are perfect for consumer relations. No other technology has similar speed, security, and scalability.

Dissemination of the Internet of Value

New technologies will result in lower costs for everyone

The blockchain use to support the financial operations linked to commercial sales will have the effect of reducing the costs involved with the operations, for the benefit of both sellers and buyers. According to Chris Larsen (Ripple’s Co-Founder), the XRP Ledger represents the beginning of the Internet of Value, in such a way that it becomes as simple to send money over the Internet as we send an email. Larsen has also mentioned that, by reducing the cost of payments virtually to zero and increasing the speed for real-time settlement, we should have a large increase in the volume of payments and payment innovations as a result.

Simplicity, promptness and problem-solving capacity

Consumers and sellers want simplicity, promptness and problem-solving capacity in their business relations

As for the use of cryptocurrencies, the journey in this direction has not even begun. We are still in a moment of the technology’s consolidation. The next step will be represented by simplification and promptness, by the integration of platforms and the improvement of usability.

Preparing for the future

Certainly, the time will come when most merchants will start receiving payments with different digital currencies and will keep both digital and fiat currencies on their balance

However, while this time has not come yet, we believe that a gradual approach is the best way to shorten the distances between cryptocurrency holders and merchants in general. Allvor will develop ALV payment technologies as well as technologies that will enable ALV to be effectively used by buyers, while ensuring that sellers receive in local currency. In the future, when these merchants start to gradually and directly receive cryptocurrency payments, Allvor will already be placed as an integrated, reliable and easy-to-use currency.

Integration with protocols and systems

Cryptocurrencies will reach their full potential only when properly integrated with the commercial systems that support businesses in the main e-retail networks.

Allvor will develop and contribute to developing these solutions. To perform this task, it will be necessary to integrate the technologies that support the sales, marketing, customer relationship, and logistics functions, among others, with the real-time settlement.

A strong community

The project’s success depends on strengthening the community of users and developers, both regarding the use of the currency and the software development.

Allvor will not do an ICO or a crowdfunding to raise funds. Its initial distribution will be made directly to the XRP holders community under the terms of our Initial Distribution program. Allvor will also allocate resources to support projects for using the currency in real, concrete and community-relevant situations, developed independently or with the direct participation of our team.

Allvor Pay

The first cryptocurrency gateway really quick, without charges, fees or intermediaries. 

Allvor proposes the integration of the XRP Ledger’s superior technology with systems and protocols used in e-commerce as a way to boost the cryptocurrency use on a global scale.

Allvor White Paper

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