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Allvor will present its payment system at Bitconf Summer Edition

Bitconf, one of the most traditional Bitcoin and crypto asset events in Brazil, will have a special edition on November 16th and 17th. Held in Fortaleza/CE, the event is the first of this size to happen in the Northeast addressing the crypto assets industry.

Among the guests and booths that will be at the event, Allvor will be present along with its innovative payment system. Allvor Pay is the first system of its kind to be created by using the Ripple’s blockchain (XRP). But the solution was designed to operate exclusively with real-time payments through the ALV token, developed by Allvor.

The payment on Allvor Pay is made 100% in blockchain. One of its main advantages is the speed of transactions: the waiting time to complete a purchase with the ALV token is a mere 4 seconds. This makes Allvor Pay an ideal system for small day-to-day transactions, such as the famous “purchase of a coffee.”

And that is exactly what the Bitconf participants will be able to do during the event. Allvor’s booth will feature an espresso machine, in which users can confirm the system’s actual speed. Besides the low waiting time, Allvor Pay also has no usage fee. In other words, it is an ideal system for those looking for an efficient, inexpensive payment solution via cryptocurrencies for various types of e-commerce.

Besides the possibility of buying an espresso with promptness and reliability, the company’s booth will also have smartphones with Ripple wallets (Toast Wallet) with the ALV token. Therefore, Bitconf participants can experience the Allvor Pay payment solution at first hand.

Created in 2013 with the aim of bringing together Bitcoin enthusiasts and cryptocurrencies, Bitconf is the oldest and one of the most traditional events on the topic in Brazil. Bitconf has already been the stage for the presentation of several innovative businesses in the national ecosystem, the exhibition for booths of various companies, and a large space to foster new ideas and partnerships.

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