Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized Exchange

In order to access the ALV/XRP trading in the XRP Ledger, you need three basic information:

Base Currency:       XRP

Counter Currency:  ALV

Counter Gateway:  raEQc5krJ2rUXyi6fgmUAf63oAXmF7p6jp

If you use Gatehub or some of the variations of the Ripple Desktop Wallet, it is simple to access the XRP/ALV trading pair in the XRP Ledger:


The address of the ALV/XRP pair on Gatehub is below. Log in to your Gatehub account and click on the link to buy or sell ALV:

Ripple Desktop Wallets

Follow these steps to access the ALV/XRP trading with your Desktop wallet (such as Rippex, Ripple Fox and Ripple China):

1. Access the Trade menu and choose the Advanced option.
2. Under Base Currency, type XRP
3. Under Counter Currency, type ALV
4. Under Counter Gateway, copy and paste the ALV account: (
raEQc5krJ2rUXyi6fgmUAf63oAXmF7p6jp ).
5. Click Add.

Allvor Pay

The first cryptocurrency gateway really quick, without charges, fees or intermediaries. 

Allvor proposes the integration of the XRP Ledger’s superior technology with systems and protocols used in e-commerce as a way to boost the cryptocurrency use on a global scale.

Allvor White Paper

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