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How to get ALV on your Toast Wallet

The web version of Toast Wallet now allows you to add a Trust line to Allvor. And so Toast Wallet users can already receive payment from the Allvor Initial Distribution directly into their Ripple account.

See how:
First access your Toast Wallet by the browser following the Toast Wallet portal guidelines. To do this you will need to make a backup on your device and copy code to paste in the field informed.

After that, just open your wallet and follow the instructions below:

On screen 1, click Add Trustline

On screen 2, add the Allvor trust line information and click Add Trustline

On screen 3, enter your Passphrase and click Submit Trustline.


Just check if the trust line is ok on the next screen, which will show the balance in ALV still with zero.
After that, access the form for the payment of the Allvor Initial Distribution Program

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