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Try instant payments with Allvor at the Allvor Pay Demo Store

The Allvor Project has officially launched Allvor Pay, the e-commerce payment solution, on February 5. With Allvor Pay, merchants can receive payments with Allvor at their online stores, with no additional customization required. Check the launch announcement here.

In order for you to get to know and experience how Allvor Pay works, we have created a Demo Store in which you can simulate a purchase at a virtual store and pay your invoice with ALV.

Demo Store

The Demo Store is a totally fictitious store and is made through the WooCommerce plugin.

The goal is to provide the user with a complete experience of how the process of choosing the product and then paying for it is done. Therefore, products, prices, and processes are for illustration purposes only. The products “bought” there are not shipped.

After this disclaimer, let’s take a look at the purchase the step-by-step.

1) Access the Demo Store website by clicking here.

2) Choose the product you want to “purchase”.

3) After choosing the product, click on “Add To Basket” to include it in the cart.

4) After adding the product to the cart, click “Proceed To Checkout” to go to the payment system.

5) Fill in the buyer’s details (completion is mandatory, but you do not need to use actual information).

6) In the “Your Order” field, we will select the payment option. To use Allvor, select “Pay With Allvor”.

7) After selecting the option, click on “Place Order”.

8) After clicking, you will be redirected to the payment page, which will show all the information about the transaction. The most relevant is the purchase amount (in ALV), address (the address to which ALV is to be sent) and the destination tag (an identifier that should be included in the transaction).

9)With the wallet open, there are two ways to complete the transaction: via QR Code or entering the transaction data. If your device can scan the QR Code, simply go back to step 8 and click on “See QRCode”.

10) With the QR Code open, open the Toast Wallet and activate the “Read QRCode” function. With that, simply scan the code.

11) If your device does not read QR Code, then the process must be done manually, copying and pasting the data. You can pay from any wallet by copying the account data, the TAG and the payment amount. To do this with the Toast Wallet, click the green rectangle to send the transaction.

12) On the next screen, enter the shipping address, the tag and the ALV amount corresponding to the transaction, then click “Pay”.

13) On the next screen, enter your password and click on “Confirm Payment”.

14) After the confirmation of payment in the Wallet, a confirmation of the transaction will also appear on the website through the receipt below. If you would like to receive the receipt via e-mail, select the “Click Here” option and enter your e-mail address.

And with that, you have just tested the first use of Allvor as a payment method. It is worth mentioning that the payment has no fee for store merchants or customers. In addition, it is done instantly and can be checked right after the purchase through the XRP Charts platform, whose link is provided at the end of the purchase (step 12).

Now, it is your turn! Access the Demo Store website, make a trial purchase, and let us know how you feel about your payment experience with Allvor.

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