XRP Ledger

About the XRP Ledger

The XRP Ledger is a universal payment system allowing users to transfer funds (including fiat currencies, digital currencies and other forms of value) across national boundaries as seamlessly sending an email. (…) Unlike other digital currency protocols, the XRP Ledger also allows users to transact in currencies other than the ledger’s native currency, XRP.

Source: Ripple Developer Center

Real-time settlement
The XRP Ledger represents a real-time gross settlement solution on an unprecedented scale, making it possible to settle a large volume of payments of any amount in 3 seconds.
Payments of any amount are economically viable in the XRP Ledger because the cost of the transactions is very low: less than 0.00001 USD.

A neutral infrastructure
The XRP Ledger has a neutral infrastructure, just like the Internet, and it is not subject to conflicts of interest between different parties. This is very good for the banks and other financial institutions that intend to use the system, but also for the Allvor Project, since network neutrality guarantees equal treatment for all operations.

The Allvor Project uses the XRP Ledger as provided and does not have the direct support, endorsement or sponsorship from Ripple Company.

Allvor Pay

The first cryptocurrency gateway really quick, without charges, fees or intermediaries. 

Allvor proposes the integration of the XRP Ledger’s superior technology with systems and protocols used in e-commerce as a way to boost the cryptocurrency use on a global scale.

Allvor White Paper

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